YOLO GLOW LED Skate Lights
                                                                   PATENT PENDING


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R&B LED's is proud to announce our line of YOLO GLOW LED Skate Lights!!  We have put in MANY MANY hours of research and development to bring these products to their current levels of precision. There is no other LED Skate Light like the Yolo Glow on the market.  Our Patent Pending designs are state of the art and will give your skates a very professional look.

All of the YOLO GLOW units are compact units that you attach to the bottom of your skates and GLOW! We currently offer 4 different models that mount to virtually every skate configuration on the market today. We have the Original Yolo Glow, the Childs Yolo Glow, the Inline Yolo Glow, and our newest product the Super Yolo Glow.

Our Patent Pending design allows you to GLOW in 20 Different Colors, 5 Brightness levels, with a choice of 19 Dynamic Modes.

Our custom battery enclosure has a built in ON/OFF Switch for ease of operation.

Our state of the art Mini-Controller has a simple 3 button control to allow you to choose whatever color or mode you want at any given time!

YOLO GLOW's compact design is extremely simple to install! With the included zip-ties, simply zip-tie the YOLO GLOW to the bottom of your skates. Then trim off the excess end of the zip-ties. Turn on the YOLO GLOW and choose your Color/Mode/Brightness and your ready to GLOW!

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